Official SILCA Hirobel Partner

Ruckus Composites


"Founded in 2008, Ruckus Composites started with a love of bicycle technology, a degree in mechanical engineering and drive to make change. We have an honest desire to change the world and shake things up through engineering, art, conservation and science. We strive to educate ourselves and the community about bicycle science. We focus continuously on setting the standard on carbon fiber repair."

-Shawn Small, President - Ruckus Composites  

"Ruckus is an industry leader in carbon fiber diagnosis and repair, and they are key a technology partner with SILCA helping us to better understand the forces and loads which are currently damaging frames so that we can innovate solutions to the problems.  Their inspection and research capabilities are really impressive, and the thoroughness and quality of the repair work is really unparalleled." 

-Josh Poertner, President - SILCA  

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