We all have that one story. The story that emerges at EVERY family gathering, backyard cookout, or Thursday night card game. It’s THE story we tell. It could be happy, funny, embarrassing, or just downright silly. It’s the story that brings everyone together.

Now imagine the first time you rode a bike. Or imagine standing roadside, watching your dad whizz by; rocking his 70s mustache and tiny shorts. No matter your connection to a bicycle, all these moments become an integral part of your own personal story. It’s your connection to the sport. These fleeting moments in time become our collective history. Our lives.

SILCA too has a story, a history, and a life. Our continued commitment to SILCA fans worldwide is strengthened by our heritage and inspired by the future. Our story is your story. And your story becomes #mySILCAstory.

We often hear… “that’s a game changer”. We are asking our customers to share with us the impact our products have had on their daily commute, their next race, the first time their daughter rides a bike and more. Our products remain in the background of all these experiences. Whether it’s a pack on your bike or body, the pre-race tweaks using our tools and pumps, or the roadside tire repair in a torrential downpour. We span across all disciplines, even the technical ones that are laden with blood, sweat, and tears. We want to highlight your wins and losses that enrich the greater story. We want to capture and share these stories through the lens of This Changes Everything.

We invite you to share your memories, experiences, insights at #mySILCAstory.