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The pressure clamps used on contemporary repair stands were developed for round steel tubing more than 40 years ago. This predates carbon fiber, aluminum, aerodynamic and oversized tube shapes, integrated seat masts, dropper posts, and suspension systems.  

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 The HIROBEL is a specially designed clamp for bicycle repair stands which makes it easier to work on your bike. It better distributes stresses and loads through the bicycle frame, offering superior stability while eliminating possible crushing or damage to thin-walled and shaped tubing.


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"We see more clamp damage than people might think. The seat tube and the top tube are the most likely candidates for damaged due to the advancements in aerodynamic shaping and geometries. Often the top tube is one of the thinnest tubes on any bicycle. Also the forces from working on a stuck crank arm or bottom bracket while it is in a work stand can generate damaging forces. One of the benefits of the Hirobel is that the system holds the bicycle frame in two locations that are significantly thicker and spread the support forces out into a stronger area of the frame."
Shawn Small, President - Ruckus Composites
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Two-sided, disposable towels designed to remove dirt, grease oils, and sweat from your cycling gear without leaving behind the streaks or slimly residues. They say that a clean bicycle is a happy bicycle, but do not let this hide the fact that a clean bicycle will run quiet, smooth, be more efficient and will last longer than a dirty one.

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